Tuesday, August 5, 2008


His name is Seven, chosen in honor of his extra toes.

The girls are spoiling him--too much for a yard cat.
Wayne thinks he better earn his keep in mice.
Ginger is insanely jealous.
I love a purring cat, so he's already won me over.
Please stay out of the motor of my car little kitty!


Anonymous said...

We should give Wayne our cat Elliot. Elliot is a mix that is not legal (I think), anyway in the past two days I've had to bury a full grown rabbit & half a chipmunk. And that’s just a small portion on his resume of killings. I've seen Ell jump into the air and catch a bird flying by and then take it into the backyard to play with it for a while before he brings it to the porch to show the family his catch, which he does with every catch. Heather loves it.

Heather said...

I love you little black kitty!

Anonymous said...

Okay, y'all need to make your own horror movie. How many pets have you taken into your lair only to end up deceased, missing, or worse (I won't get into specifics here - remember the swimming pool incident?) I'm kinda afraid of y'all with animals. I only hope you love this one as much as Ginger, or the poor putty kat's days are numbered! RUN SEVEN, RUN FAR RUN FAST!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure why my previous comment came up as anonymous. Although I do kinda like the mystery, I love to take credit for my writing.

LynnieGirl said...

He He He, It's Aunt Lynn!!

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