Sunday, August 3, 2008

Congratulations Matthew

The first time I met him, he was a little fella playing cars in the floor of his Grandpa's hospital room. He was a little cutie!
The first vacation of our married life, he was there and I distinctly remember a ginormous fit he pitched over some fried shrimp. When Leslie came along, she was absolutely smitten with Matt, and any time she was near him she was on him. He lugged her around countless hours, and even now, she wears a big grin every time she sees him.
We watched him play many a baseball game, and as he grew up we learned to love his keen sense of humor. It's not often you find someone who can appreciate "Austin Powers" like I do. Wayne was there for his first hunting trip, and he was there the day Matthew killed "the monster buck".
We shared many summer vacations and every Christmas eve. No one in the world can tease their mom like him, even Wayne may have met his match in teasing Lynn.
Matt has always been a smart boy, and it was no surprise to me when he graduated with honors from high school. I've always had a special place in my heart for him from the moment that he told us he wanted to go into the medical field. (This after falling 20 feet from a fence and tearing his spleen). One of my dearest memories was last summer when he volunteered at the indigent clinic ministry where I work. It was such a joy to teach him, and see him experience health care in it's rawest form. He never flinched, or turned away, he was fascinated by it. I knew then this kid would make it.

He graduated from the University of Georgia on Saturday. Proud? You bet! He's on his way to being the best physician's assistant around. Who knows? Maybe we'll be working together somewhere someday.

We love you Matt!


Anonymous said...

Gosh who doesn't love Austin Powers (I used to think you were crazy, now I just see your nuts). A.P.Goldmember

LynnieGirl said...

Oh gosh, that is so sweet. Matthew loves Austin Powers about as much as he loves Dumb and Dumber. He inherited my taste in humor and movies! Thanks for the loving words. Ooop, gotta go. Matthew just cut his finger and is screaming for a band aid.

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