Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fall's just around the corner

This lone leaf on my Bradford pear tree is whispering to me "Fall is on it's way." So in order to celebrate what is hopefully not to far around the corner

Top 10 reasons why I love fall
1. October 19 is my anniversary.
2. Wayne and Craig usually deer hunt which means that Lynn and I spend the day watching movies, eating out lunch, or shopping at Big Lots all afternoon.
3) Jeans and sweatshirts.
4) Chili in a crockpot.
5) Fall air smells wonderful.
6) Bar B Que tastes better when its chilly outside.
7) Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday
8) Running outside is so much better when it's cool.
9) I love my porch when it's "fallishly" (wait, is that a word?) decorated.
10) You thought I was gonna say football games- no I can't stand football- how about camping in the mountains, making smores by the campfire.
Even so come quickly fall!


Heather said...

I love fall too. In Michigan it also brings trips to the apple orchard, which has become one of my favorite things. Apple cider & doughnuts - Heaven!

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