Thursday, August 14, 2008

I need to make a confession

I tore a picture of a cool hairstyle I saw on a page of Southern Living in my dentists office this morning then stuffed it in my purse when no one was looking. Then I lied to the hygenist and told her I floss my teeth (like she didn't figure it out while cleaning them) By the time I left the dentist office I felt evil. I hate the dentist office. I've always had crummy teeth, and maybe that is why I hate going so much. It brings out the wicked ugly side of me.


Liquidspider said...

Wow!!! I think maybe you should stay clear of the Dentist; otherwise you might be going straight to hell.

LynnieGirl said...

Okay, I so TOTALLY hate the dentist. I even get scared of anyone dressed like a dentist on Halloween. The scariest costume ever - next to the clown costume. That one's pretty nasty too.

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