Monday, August 11, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Being the routine lovin' girl that I am, I think I am ready to say goodbye to summer(despite the fact it will be stifling hot for another month) and welcome fall with open arms. I thought about it and today marks the twelfth year that I have taken a first day of school pictures and sent my children off with their tummies full(usually of diet coke and oreos) and their minds empty. Such little soldiers of education! I waited with anticipation all day to hear about their adventures in learning and was greeted like this
Me- "How was school?"
Them- "Fine"
Me- "What did you learn?"
Them-"Oh I dunno, just stuff"
Just when I thought my tuition money could be better spent on a Tahiti getaway, they asked me to help with homework.
In a word- I'm and idiot. I figure, if my kids can manage to learn things I cannot understand, like the values of x and y, and steps of scientific experimentation, then I ought to be set for life. My genious children can take care of me in luxury when I'm old. At the worst, I better end up with a private room in the nursing home with a view of the sunflower garden!


Heather said...

Understand the Values of x and y? I couldn't even remember how to divide fractions - thank God you can find anything on the internet.

LynnieGirl said...

Okay, what's that huge box that Leslie is holding. I'm not gonna tell you what it looks like to me. When I was in school you didn't have to bring your own all the time, you could get them for free from the nurse's office if you really needed one.

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