Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A really great Wednesday

Normally I do not like Wednesdays to well. They are stuck in the middle of the week, too far from the beloved weekend on either side. Today was a really great day however.

I slept in a little, not too late but long enough to feel like I was cheating.. all from the steady rain that had gone on all night.

Skipped my workout and went to Blackbirds Coffee, orderd my favorite caffee mocha latte read my study in Ephesians at the shop, in peace and quiet.

Went to see my friend Lauren who just got out of the hospital. Her contractions have stopped and it looks like Gage will wait a few more weeks before coming! Thanks God!

Enjoyed supper with Wayne at Zaxby's. We talked about our day over chicken salads.

Ordered this cute sweater at Sahalie's, one of my favorite online stores.

Spent an hour with Becky my friend and disciple and heard all about how God is using her in the life of one of our other friends who is struggling with infertility issues.

Leslie told me all about how she made an A+ on her vocab quiz, and knew all the answers to her science test. Amazing what the promise of a laptop can do for gradepoint average. Hey, don't judge me for bribing my children!

Listened to Virginia practice her keyboard, she's really got the McNabb family piano talent gene.
Only downside to my day is hearing Bill Clinton yammer on TV in the background about how Obama is going to change America. Whatever!

Counting my blessings tonight for friends, family and blessings that are more than I can number!
I think I'll go enjoy the last brownie and my cup of decaf before ending this wonderful Wednesday. We are all tired here and it's time to go to sleep! Goodnight!


Heather said...

Sounded like a perfect day to me!

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