Thursday, March 25, 2010

All in the name of frugality

Recently I started clipping coupons. I guess it depends on how you define saving money, but I realized that I am buying a WHOLE lot more groceries for the same amount of money. My dogs are excited that I am getting name brand dog food for the same price as store brand.  It is tedious and has become somewhat of an obsession for me. It is a healthy outlet for my OCD and best of all I have learned to score free items every week.  Not quite sure how the family is gonna use all the free Arrid Extra Dry deoderant I now have stockpiled thanks to Krogers $1 sale and my $2.00 off 2 coupon.  You do the math. I have gotten multiple free deoderants for the last six weeks at Kroger.

So imagine my frustration when Wayne complained about my hair appointment and the $75.00 it took to keep me as gorgeous as I am.  I tried reverse psychology on him, but somehow he could not understand how the 942 deoderants in the bathroom closet offset the money he forked out for my hair.  Anywhooo....being the wonderful man that he is, he realized there was no winning this argument.

His latest money splurge has been getting the yard mowed every other week.  He started it last summer when he could not keep up because he was always working late. After destroying both the push mower and weedeater with regular gas (how ridiculous is it that they expect you to mix oil with gas before you put it in the tank???) he banned me from any attempts at landscaping and decided to bite the bullet and pay someone to do it.
 The pleasure of freshly mowed yard (or you cold say weeds) has put so much love back into our springtime.  He no longer hears me compain about the knee high weeds.  It has made him a happy man not to worry about the grass, and put him in such a good mood, he told me my hair looked dazzling...ok well he actually said "oh, your hair looks good." but to me it's all the same!

Some things are worth splurgin on...on some things give you sweet satisfaction by saving.....
Where do you splurge and where do you skimp in life?


meganluttrull said...

My hair - at well over $100 a pop - is a definate splurge, however, I wait for as long as possible in between times. Fresh fruit and Veggies is the other big splurge in the Luttrull household.
We skimp on having no cable, slower internet, and Sam's brand toilet paper (which actually isn't skimping because for some crazy reason it is my favorite. Just don't tell J because he thinks we are sacrificing!)
Big picture - I don't even notice the skimping when I have great hair and I know my family is eating healthy!!!

Hollie said...

i love couponing too!!!! YAY! It is so much fun and quite addiciting!

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