Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sounds of the Spirit

Do you sometimes forget that as believers in Christ, there is a whole world going on around us? This world is as real as the oatmeal and coffee I am having for breakfast, but not visible with my physical eyes.

It occured to me last night (at 4:20 am to be exact I've got insomnia...again) that all over Scripture, God tells us  this spiritual world is audible if we listen with spiritual ears.  There is a huge world that you can tap into if you listen closely........

......you can hear the encouragement of the saints ( Heb. 12:1)  They are rooting you on. "Don't quit now! Keep on going!  You are almost there! It's so worth it!"

.......the angels are continually praising our God in a song that never ends.  Think about it....the voices of angels....."Holy, Holy. Holy is the Lord God Almighty" (Isaiah 6:3)

.........the very voice of God as He sings over you.  (Zeph. 3:17)Yeah, thats what it says, He sings over us.  What does the voice of God singing over you sound like?  Perhaps the most beautiful sound that our ears could imagine.  Maybe that's why physical ears can't hear it. It's too pure, too sweet. It takes us to a place that is reserved for His children. A place of no worries.

Sounds of the Spirit.  Listen closely.  Beyond the sounds of alarm clocks, honking horns, fighting children, there are sounds that are reserved just for you.  What can you hear?


Chris, Lauren and Gage said...

It sounds like this...
Lauren, I created him in your womb and for a great purpose. I know that you are emotional about him growing up, but just as I guided the doctor's hand when he had surgery, so I will guide every hand that comes across him during his life. Lauren...you cannot see the big picture, nor can you stop the hands that may hurt him or shake the hands that may encourage him, for you see that is my job...trust ME for the "how"...you just OBEY. Love him, kiss him, hold him, squeeze, do your best to raise him right...leave the details up to me!

Steph- we are in different phases of parenting, but I am betting your "God song" sounds a lot like mine...for such a time as this.

I love you!

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