Monday, March 15, 2010

Old Friends, New times

Tomight we had dinner with some old friends.  Rick and Pam Hollis moved away about two years ago. I missed them alot.  We logged in so many hours at Compassionate Care Clinic.  I realized tonight while talking to him, that I'm one of the only originals left.

Tonight, we talked about an exciting mission project that their church in Pensacola is involved in.  Our youth may join them this summer and who knows? There may be a long term mission project that grows from it.

Here is the cool thought I had while sharing old times, and planning new.......I am so thankful that I belong to the family of God. I was thinking about how glad I will be to spend all eternity with some of the most interesting and sweetest people I know.  I was thinking about how there will be no time or space limitations in heaven.  I will be with people I love forever. No goodbyes.  I guess that means I'll also share eternity with believers that aren't my favorite people on this earth.... Have you ever thought about that?

Seriously, don't be pious, you know that there are people in God's family that you would just rather avoid.  What about them?  Will we have to dodge people up there that drove us crazy down here?  Will our new bodies and minds love each other better than we do now?

Does it seem strange that the things that separate the best of friends here on earth will seem so petty and insignificant in heaven?   Living in light of eternity means so much more than we understand.  Tonight God spoke to me and said, "Stephanie, it's really not about you.  It really doesn't matter what people think about you.  I've got so many plans that you need to get done before you get home.  Live in light of eternity."

Regardless, I'm glad that one day, I'll spend all day chatting it up with Rick and Pam.  No "see ya' next time". No "When are y'all headed back?"  I miss you a bunch now, but it won't be long, we'll be going home.


Roxanne said...

I miss Mrs. Pam and Mr. Rick, too! It was so good to see them Sunday!

schulze5 said...

I miss them too! I love talking to Pam, she was so good to me when she kept Noah! I will always be greatful to her:)

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