Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A full day of Celebration

I started off the day is a relly happy mood. Maybe it was the fact that I was wearing my new "springy" green top I got at Goodwill for $1, or maybe it was the fact that I love rainy days, but on any account it was a good Wednesday.  The day only got better.

Work was not nearly as chaotic as it has been in recent days, and all the girls took me to Buffington's for my birthday. Oh yeah baby, I splurged and knew that there was a really good reason I had put in 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday, I cashed in my fat burning chips on a huge chili cheddar burger with cheese fries.  Angie, one of my sweet girls at work made me a caramel cake that was perfect. I'm not kidding you, the caramel icing was light and delicate, but at the same time rich and creamy.  The cake was tender and moist. 
As we sat around laughing and eating, I got a little teary when I thought about how much I love the girls I work with. We are like family. We have seen the best and worst of each other. We share hard times with each other.  When one of us is hurting, the others mother her and love on her.  When something great happens in our lives, we all celebrate.  They loved me last year when I thought I was going to lose my mind.  We tease each other, know what each other loves to snack on.  We have a million private jokes....Yes Britt, "functionable" is a word, and  no, that was not a fake laugh.  I just taught them all to knit, and we all pledge to grow old together at dear ole student health.
 If you have a job these days you are blessed. If you have a job you like, then you have a good reason to be thankful. If you love your job, and have a great relationship with your coworkers, then you can agree with me that God has been extra good to you!


Hollie said...

Love it!

Roxanne said...

How did I miss your birthday?

Happy Birthday, Steph!

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