Friday, March 12, 2010

The tale of the lost cell phone...or getting back to the good ole days

Somwhow on Wednesday night, I lost my cell phone.  I didn't realize it until that night when I got ready to charge it.  I mentally retraced my steps that evening, and decided it must be in the church sanctuary or the clinic where I volunteer.  Thursday morning revealed it was in neither place.  After  deactivating it, I decided to just suck it up and live without it, until it turned up, or I could talk Wayne in to forking out $100 for a new phone. 

The first three hours were really hard. What if my kids needed me?  What if Wayne wanted to call me and tell me of his undying love? Reality check... neither of those situations where in the realm of possibility on  Thursday morning.  By lunch I kinda liked the peace and quiet.  No text messages, no one calling me in the middle of my work day.  I got alot done, without stopping to check my phone every hour.  By days end, I felt like I was totally old school....and loving it.  The drive home was quiet, I listened to Paul Simon on the radio and the realized that I never drove off the road one time since I wasn't texting and driving.

By this morning, I decided that the 80's had more than big hair, Rubics Cube and Air Supply going for it.  Before cell phones, life was quieter, simpler, and in less of a rush.  I realized that my kids really have missed out on the freedom of sneaking around without a parent endlessly texting and calling to check on them. 

This new found freedom has come to an end.  My little friend Brianna found it in the ladies bathroom.  Maybe I'll leave it on vibrate for a few  days....


schulze5 said...

If I didn't stay home all day with kids I would try it! haha i have to have adult time texting ha

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