Saturday, March 6, 2010

Congratulations Matt and Heather

Wayne and I have know our friends Matt and Heather, for so long, it's hard to remember our married life without them there. Today their son Adam is marrying the girl of his dreams, Cason.   She will love being their daughter. I know I have loved being their friend all these years, and they love me like family.

I guess that's why I love them so much. You know, in this life, you only have a few friendships that are that deep and strong.  We have so much fun together! You know it's hard to find a couple that you and your spouse both love. Of course I'm not saying Matt and Wayne love each other, oh no, I'm just saying they really resepct and admire one another! :) Me and Heather....we love each other. :)

M and H have been our friends in the worst of times.  They have seen us go through the ugly stuff of losing jobs, losing family members and losing our own sanity. In those times there is no fixing it, there's just loving you through it. They are the kind of friends I can call at 3 am if I need help. I could ask for money, and they'd empty their account for me. I can have the peace in knowing they would finish raising my girls exactly how I want them raised if I die.

So today, in the best of times, I celebrate a wonderful day. Today their son Adam takes a wife and makes a home.  We share all their joy, knowing that every good and perfect gift is from above.  We celebrate  the new gift of family. Welcome to the Schulze's Cason, I think you'll love it! 
And we celebrate the gift of old friends. Congratulation Matt and Heather, thank you for loving us, and thank  you for letting us share in your joy!
It's gonna be good day!


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