Monday, March 22, 2010

I think the 40's are where it's at!

Well, I celebrated my 41st birthday on Friday and I gotta tell you there are many reasons why I am liking this decade.

 I left my girls at manage at home by themselves while Wayne took me camping.  No babysitter arraingments, just a kiss on the cheek, money on the counter, and milk in the fridge, oh and a threat to cause bodliy harm if they did not show up on time at school on Friday morning. Couldn't do that in my 30's! 

Wayne picked the most beautiful campsite in the entire park. We were right on the edge of a huge lake and that morning we woke up and heard the geese squalking and the mist was rising over the water. I sat there forever just drinking my coffee and soaking it all in.  I could kick myself for not taking pictures, but you know, I really was just loving the moment.  While Wayne fished all afternoon, I read and knitted. He made me lunch and then we explored the campground a little.

That evening, some friends of ours came over with the girls, and we grilled hamburgers and made smores. Wayne got me the most delicious birthday cake EVER!  Our friend Tori Roberts made me the prettiest cake with about a jillion layers and homemade old fashioned chocloate icing. It really deserves an entire post itself! :)

Saturday came around way to soon, Wayne informed me that my birthday was over, and I had to get up and help him break camp.  It was wonderful.  I'll try to post some pictuers Leslie took...she's much better at capturing the moment than I am.


Heather said...

Ok keep telling me that 40 is not so bad - I need to hear it. It is coming too soon. Glad your birthday was great.

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