Thursday, March 4, 2010


In the circus that is my brain, there us a place that identifies "my favorites".  However, this place is a bit of a revolving door which is apt to change at any given moment in time.  Those who know me and love me know that I am allowed to declare "my favorite" from a song to a flavor any time I'm in the mood.......

Coffee: Folgers with a glug of milk, no sugar.

Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Brownie Fudge Chunk

Time of day: 7:30-8:30- when everyone leaves the house and I'm all by myself, Sirrius radio blaring and getting ready for work.

Deep theological thinker and writer: John Piper. Thanks Andy Hall for introducing us.

Ipod selection when I am busting my behind to run just a little bit further than yesterday: Toby Mac

Color: the deep red hue of my firstborn's hair when the sun hits it, and she lets me wrap it around my fingers. It looks like pennies.

What is your most absolute favorite?


Roxanne said...

My favorites:
chocolate milk
rainy days when I can stay home
snuggly naps with Marc and Zelda
blaring the radio and singing along
(loving the new Toby Mac CD!!!)

Worth said...

My favorites:
Breyer's Chocolate Ice Cream
Georgia football games
Karen Kingsbury books
hanging out with Anna (she's 10, I'm 40 and we understand each other!)
coming home at night and finding that momma has saved a tv show for us to watch together
unexpected phone calls from old friends
Color: I always say red and black for obvious reasons but have always loved green

Tina said...

My favorite... crystal clear blue sky with a few puffs of wispy clouds over the water (ocean preferably) with a mug of coffee with ice cream and coconut cremer in it.... family and friends included. aaahhh paradise!

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