Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Class of 2011

It did not hit me until today. That little red headed baby I brought home from the hospital 16 years ago, is going to grow up and leave home. I didn't think about it much when she started middle school, still so far away. When she got her braces off, I couldn't believe how much older she looked, but I didn't realize she was growing up. When we bought her a car last year, I wasn't too worried, she still had a whole year before she could drive. When her Dad called me and told me she passed her driver's test I didn't stop smiling the entire day. When she announced she was ready to find a job, and she filled out an application all by herself I was so proud of her.

But today........I paid for her class ring and suddenly it dawned on me. Grown girls wear class rings. Class rings mean that you will soon graduate from high school. Class rings are the things high school memories are made of. *Gulp* *tear* It won't be much longer will it?


Angel Easterwood said...

Okay, Roxanne has started me on this blog stuff! tell me about it. I began freaking out when I realized Jordan will be going to High School this year. I am serious, I know these four years will go by so fast. He's my boy!

Roxanne said...

So Marc and I have had (TOO MANY) discussions about this.

Will it be "Class of '11" or "twenty-eleven" or "2011" or will they drop the "e" altogether and just say "leven" ???

I need to know. I make the tshirts, ya know!

Heather said...

And grown girls trade class rings with boys they are seriously dating - at least they used too, maybe I am showing my age:(

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