Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fresh from heaven

My grandma used to say that babies were fresh from heaven. While this is probably not the most doctrinally sound statement, it describes the feeling you get when you hold a brand new baby in your arms.

Last night, we visited Hollie and Alan, but most importantly---- baby Rowan.
Welcome to our world Rowan, we're glad you made it here safe and sound!


Cathryn said...

Is he not the most precious baby you have ever seen? He looks like a doll...even more so when his mommy dresses him up in all that stuff she's been making him!

Roxanne said...

In my mind, I read your title as "fLesh from heaven"...weird, huh?

But, yes, that Rowan is so precious! I cannot wait to see him and hold him!

Hollie said...

Aww...thanks for sharing this on your blog! That face...there is just something about it! Thanks for coming to visit! We love you!

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