Saturday, July 11, 2009

Come run with me

This is the tenth day in a row that I have run. I have a love/ hate relationship with running. I love it when I'm doing it. I hate it when I'm out of shape and know I need to. I needed a jump start to get back to it. I have not run at all since I've had gallbladder issues then surgery, so two weeks ago I pulled out an old trick I've used before, 3 miles for 30 days. It's working so far, and actually today I was looking forward to running.

I love running for alot of reasons, I tell my friends it's because I'm getting old and I need to keep my heart healthy. They smile and nod, who am I kidding? They know I'm trying to fight middle age spread like everyone else. Running gives me solitude, and lets me process so many thoughts in my head. I do my best problem solving, anger resolving, and planning when I'm hitting the road.

Come with me today and see why I love it so much:

Good! My favorite shorts are clean! I pull them on and tell myself that I look sleek and lean in these black shorts. They don't ride up my thighs and that is essential if you want to get past mile 2. I head down the drive and try and try and find a place on my ipod to stop. What am I the mood for today? I stop on Journey. Oh yeah that'll work. I want to go 4 miles today and something mellow will help me take it slow.

It takes me about half a mile to get in the rhythm. First I have to work passed the heavy breathing and stiff legs, but soon, just as I head down the hill, I find my rhythm and now I can just let my mind drift. Today I think about my conversation with a good friend yesterday, who was having a hard time and I mentally try different solutions to her problem until I find one that seems to fit. Note to her tonight.
I come around the curve and stop thinking, I tell myself not to be scared. I know that the bulldog at this house is on a chain, but he scares me every time as he lunges on the chain with teeth bared. "God don't let him get loose", my daily prayer at this point. God again holds onto the ugly mutt and I pick up my pace a little. I start to think about supper when I smell the neighbors cooking steaks. Mmmmm. They wave. I wave back. My left calf feels crampy. I gotta remember to stretch today. I look up, this is one of my favorite spots in my run. There are three horses that live in this pasture. They always look up at me. They seem to wonder, "Where are you going in such a rush?" This is where I like to stop and walk for a minute. Stretch out my leg cramp and watch them flip their tails. The white one, my favorite prances up to the fence and I smile at her. She never gets close enough to pet. Doesn't trust me that much. My cramp is gone and I head up the road. I've finished 2.5 miles. Mi ipod is belting out "Open Arms" and I smile. I love that song. I can see three girls in a maroon Ford Granada, cruising down Main Street and singing at the top of our lungs. We thought we know all about love way back then. we didn't know squat.
That thought flies out of my mind as I feel the wet nudge of my friend "big brown boy" That's what I call him anyway. This part of the run, the big chocolate lab at the yellow house on the left, always runs out, licks my hand and jogs along for about half a mile. I ask him how his day's been, how many squirrels he's chased, and if he's jumped in the lake. He turns his attention to the kids, playing on the dock. I hear them laughing and shoving each other in the lake. That reminds me how thirsty I am and how heavy my cotton t shirt feels now that it's soaked in sweat.
I round the curve and head home. The last half mile is easy. My leg isn't cramping anymore. My legs feel like lead, and my hair is soaked. I love the wore out feeling. I think about how thankful I am that I can run. I think about how many 40 year old women are in worse shape than I am. I think about that candy bar I ate on the way home from Walmart. Hope I worked it all off. I think about how exhausted 4 miles just made me and what a stretch it would be to ever run a marathon, my ultimate goal. I look up and see Wayne on the deck, grilling our supper. He sees me and smiles and says "Go take a shower, you stink!"


Britney said...

I smiled the entire time I read your blog post! I especially love the part where the lab joins in on the run. I have told myself that at the beginning of August I am going to start running again. That gives me 5 months off from running to try and let the fractures heel. The thought comes to mind to go run often...but I tell you what, the strangest thing always happens when running comes to knee aches. I kid you not. I keep tell my knee you just wait, only a few more weeks and it is back to the grind. :)

Keep up the WONDERFUL running. Sweating is a great reward for the hard work that you put into it. :)

Hollie said...

you are so cute! love you!

Tina said...

Your blog today has inspired me. I am going to take the challenge, except I will start at 2 miles a day for 30 days!!

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