Tuesday, July 14, 2009

seven letter word for........

My summer has been reduced to a daily crossword challenge. Here at student heath I reap the rewards of a very busy school year, by having a very slow work environment for June and July. I really enjoy it in June, but by July, my ADD brain is struggling to make it through an 8 hour work day with such a light workload. This year, the new NP, Leah and I have decided that wasting time on the Internet is not nearly as productive to our brain cells as doing the daily crossword puzzle.

Before Leah got me hooked on crosswords, my idea of challenging was People's CW in the back page. The most difficult stumper was along the lines of:

Three letter word for "Heartbreaker" singer Benatar. If you answered "Pat" you are a winner!

I have graduated on to the daily Union Recorder. The obsession started small, I would casually glance thought the classifieds to find the puzzle on the back page. I realized things had gotten serious when I was lounging poolside with a folded up newspaper working on Nashville's Daily News puzzle during my vacation. I used to enjoy mindless drivel as a vacation read, but here I am doing crosswords! Last week I even picked up a puzzle book and browsed through it instead of my weekly peek and "Entertainment Weekly".

Today Leah brings in the New York Times. This thing is huge! It will take me all day and the excitement is palpable. If I finish by lunch, I may talk her into a round of shuffleboard!


Roxanne said...

I am so addicted to Sudoku puzzles. One of my to-do's for this summer is to finish my big book of over 600 puzzles. I am almost there!

Cathryn said...

My mama loved puzzles of all kinds, and did some that I couldn't get the concept of. Jacob got an electronic sudoku game for Christmas one year, and I was so obsessed with it, I finally wore it out. My current obsession is pathwords on FB. My name is Cathryn, and I'm an addict...glad to see yall are too!

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