Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goodwill loot

Well, today was the perfect day! I took the day off. Slept in until 8am. Then got up and ran 3 miles. I am trying to motivate myself, so I am really trying to run at least 3 miles every day for 30 days. (You can follow my progress on FB) When I got back I pulled my lazy girls out of bed and off we went to our favorite shopping destination: Goodwill and Salvation Army. Inherited the bargain gene from my mother who can size up a yard sale in 10 seconds. My girls are as in love with a bargain as I am. They were raised with the phrase "You can get it if its on sale" burned into their psyche. Maybe that's why they love thrift store shopping. I usually get them whatever they find.
After scouring through the racks we hit the motherload! Now it is absolutely essential to have a game plan at Goodwill or you will get completely overwhelmed with the mass of junk. We were on a mission for jeans and khakis. you can always get the wardrobe staples in mint condition at GW.
For $20 bucks we scored:
J Jill bag (with tags)
Sevens jeans
Banana Republic blouse
Eddie Bauer khaki crop pants
Couple pairs of shorts for the girls
2 records for Leslie
Dress for Ginny

Very productive day. I am laughing as I write this post.... I am so much like my mother. She is never content just to tell you what she found at a yard sale/thrift shop. She must also tell you the name brand and how much she paid for it. I guess I am my mom made over!

Now all our treasures are being washed (disinfected on hot) and we are getting ready to dig into a pile of nachos! Hope your Thursday was as fun as mine!


Roxanne said...

You did hit the motherload! Did you go to GW in Macon?

Great job on running...3 miles! WOW! Maybe one day, I'll be in shape to run with you!

Heather said...

I love to go to the thrift store too - You are right it is in our genes. How in the world did you find all those name brands - you must have some high class thrift stores down there :) I'm so jealous!

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