Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wife of the Year

My poor husband. Why he puts up with me is something I'll never know. He woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and headed for the mountains where he slaved on putting up gutters, then turned around and drove 3 hours to get home. He was really tired. It was a long day for him. I'm sure he was looking forward to getting home to his loving wife and eating a great home cooked meal.

In the mean time, I was getting pampered at the beauty shop, having my red hair applied and let me tell you, I love getting my hair done. It's the only time I forget about everything but myself. Apparently I really was enjoying myself because by the time I headed home it was 7pm.

When I got in the door, I was so glad my sweet obedient daughters had put potatoes in the oven. I had not thought much beyond baked potatoes so I rummaged around the fridge, while Wayne and the girls watched with saliva running down their chins. I managed to find a bag of cabbage, so I tried to get them excited about baked potatoes and coleslaw. What do you mean what else? that's it... I offered to warm up some frozen meatballs. No one was very impressed.

OK, so we ended up with naked potatoes that were a wee bit undercooked in the middle. I covered them with chili and cheese, hoping to disguise their firmness. As my sweet husband gagged down the rock hard potatoes and coleslaw, he never said a word. I tried to find redemption with homemade brownies and a big glass of cold milk. I don't think he's holding it against me. I hear him in the living room laughing at the antics of the Duggar family on TLC. Tomorrow is another day, we are going to Carraba's with friends, He'll get a great meal.
In the mean time, my hair looks stunning!


Hollie said...

you crack me up! :) thanks for the laugh...i am craving laughter. these post-pregnancy hormones are killing me!

A Book Bagg said...
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Anonymous said...

How did not know you had a blog? Just found YOURS thru your comment on Bridgets...small world. Miss you much! Now if I can take a break from my work long enough to get back into the blogosphere, I'll be doing well! BTW - my word verification is "fixedupe" which I think is appropriate for your new doo.

Katie said...

Haha! I laughed so much when I read your blog! :)

Angel said...

You should have tried the "Potato Bundles" from Pioneer Women (love it). At least you tried to cook. Which is better than myself. It's usually" hello" take out for the Easterwood clan.
I've got your back on the hair thing.

I love my hair appointments too!

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