Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm tired.....

We went to eat a Cracker Barrel tonight, and on the way home I commented that I felt really tired. Wayne then commented that that was the 10th time I had made that statement this since we left home.
Well, excuse me Mr. Energy Pants. It just so happens I am tired because..........

.......I woke up at stinkin 6:30 in the morning to have yard sale.
.......I played a ridiculous game of copycat in the pool with Lauren and Christine last night.
.......I've been having middle of the night insomnia. You know when you wake up at 4 am and think about everything in the world and never really go back to sleep until the alarm goes off.
........I've run more in the last 25 days than I have in the last year. All a part of my 3 miles a day for 30 day plan to jump start my running.
........I'm 40, not 20.
Having said that, I'm taking a Tylenol pm and heading to bed at 8:30. It's not even dark outside yet, but I'm yawning as I type this line.



Angel said...

The waking up at four in the morning thing. I know where you're coming from...But not to long ago I realized that God was doing the waking; seeking to have personal time with me. He had something to say, and the only time I am ever still with no distractions is when I am asleep..... You know God called Samuel in the middle of the night. So I firmly believe during those restless times, it is God waking you, needing to talk to you! Try it.

Okay so I did not make this up own my own, But heard a sermon on it, and it changed my perspective.

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