Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot date?

If your spouse, significant other, etc. planned a hot date for you.......where would he/she take you? What would his/her idea of romance be? Would it be different from your definition, or have you been together long enough that you could totally feel love because you know them so well?

Wayne Welch would take me to eat dinner somewhere that served red meat......He thinks that is the definition of fine dining. After dinner, he would take me to the movies, since he was planning a hot date, he'd suffer through a chick flick for me, buy me peanut M&M's and a diet coke,and hold my hand. I love that man!

If you asked me 17 years ago, it probably would have involved hot dogs and NASCAR......I was to shallow to appreciate the depth of his love at that point. We've grown alot!


Roxanne said...

Oh, Steph...does it even matter where you go as long as Wayne holds your hand? My heart still melts when Marc holds my hand, and it's usually in the car!

As far a "hot" date...probably dinner and a movie, too. That was our standard date back in college. Now we cook at home and rent a movie from the Redbox!

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