Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mr. Romantic

I am married to a wonderful man. He is a wonderful provider. He's been a hard worker since the day I met him.
He is hilarious. No really, he seems quiet to the rest of the world, but he can make me laugh so hard I nearly pee my pants.  We have a thousand private jokes, and he takes pleasure in making Ginny laugh by telling her all sorts of Ginger and Willow stories, or poking fun at me, her mother.

We are at  that place in life/marriage where we kinda think and act as one. That doesn't mean we always agree, or look at things the same way, but in most situations, I think about what WE will do, and what he thinks is always present in my mind. (Except when I am buying running shoes or knitting supplies!)

Last night was date night and we both had our mouths set for Japanese. Kiroshima was packed however, and we settled for Buffingtons, the burger place down the street.  It's usually my favorite place in the world, but the food was so-so last night. Maybe because I had been craving sushi, and nachos were just not the same.
Anyway, it didn't really matter because we had the best time together.

It was one of those nights where we had such good talk time.  Most of our conversations are me yammering on and on and Wayne nodding his head and saying "Yeah Baby" at every given pause. But tonight he really listened to me talk about Leslie and college, about how happy I am that Ginny is doing so good.  I know he was listening because he asked me questions and there was no GON magazine in site for him to read.

We talked and talked about his business, about the future, about the girls, about Christmas.  It was good. I needed it.  As we left Kiroshima and headed to DQ for our buy-one-get-one-free Blizzard, I thought, "I love this man."  He's my best friend in the entire world.  Romance is being asked into your partner's world. I'm glad I'm a part of his.

Oh and then to top off a perfect evening, we went home and watched "Swamp Loggers".


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