Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Socks and stuff

Knitting socks has become my new obsession. I like it because they are fast and fun.  While I was blocking the pair I made my dad for Christmas, I noticed that I still am leaving a small hole in the gussett. Dang it.
OK so here's my plan for 2011: a pair of socks every month.  The more you knit, the better you get.  Everyone gets socks for their birthday this year, but by December I can promise you, there will be no holes in the gussett, or ladders on the side. 
January is for Wayne. Last night, while we were watching TV wrapped up in a blnaket, I saw his bare feet sticking out from under the blanket, and I thought I need to knit that man some slippers to cover up those feet.  I told him as much and he replied " Well, that is sweet but you probably won't get them done until July and then I won't need them."  Now I'm not sure if that was a slam on my knitting skills, or if  he really doesn't want to wear slippers. Either way I found a manish pair that I am casting on January 1st.

So that's my goals for kntting in 2011. Not sure if I will have 12 pairs of socks in 2011, but the ones I have will be beautiful!


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