Friday, December 10, 2010

Streams in the Desert

For the last few weeks, I have been reading this book, Streams in the Desert.  It's an old book.  It was published in 1925 but literally, this copy I have is old. The pages are yellow, and it smells musty. I love this book.  In the the age of internet, email and smartphones, it is such a pleasure to hold a book in my hands and read from the wisdom of believers before me.  Mrs. Charles E. Cowman (I love it that she uses her husbands's name!) wrote a collection of early morning thoughts as she ministered as a missionary to Japan and China for many years.  Six of those years were spent and the bedside (literally) of her invalid husband, who finally died and left her heartbroken and lonely.  I love the wealth of knowledge she shares about her sufferings.
Here is an excerpt......

"I think that I can trace every scrap of sorrow in my life to simple unbelief.  How could I be anything but quite happy if I believed always that the past is quite forgiven and the present is furnished with power, and the future found to be bright with hope because of facts that I cannot change with my mood?"

If you happen upon a copy of this book at a yard sale pick it up. It is a treasure.


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